Contact information for Stephanie Webster, artist, sculptor, jeweler, metalsmith Links to jewelry metal arts organizations that Stephanie Webster belongs to. Upcoming news, exhibitions, and events for Stephanie Webster, artist. sculpture and jewelry by Stephanie Webster, artist and metalsmith Stephanie Webster: artist, metalsmith, sculpture and jewelry parasitic fungi attacking insect brooches Metal sculpture and jewelry by Stephanie Webster of carnivorous and parasitic plants and fungi as a metaphor of human behavior. Sculpture and jewelry by Stephanie Webster the was inspired by carnivorous plants.  locust being attacked by parasitic fungi cordyceps brooch bee 2-top fungi jewelry brooch; ego 15 yellow spotted insects with fungi for Lurking, brooch; ego 34 I call it a lantern or snout bug brooch; ego 26 black beetle jewelry fungi pin; ego 22 green and gold beetle pin; ego 57 rainbow cordyceps fungi attacking larva jewelry; ego 42 cicada with white parisitic fungi brooch; ego 45 red dotted beetle with parasitic fungi pin; ego 39a bee on tree bark  cordyceps brooch; ego 62